Don’t let your customers leave upset again. 

iTap is proud to announce a new optional feature in conjunction with our core menu product called “Survey.”  This feature was designed to prevent a customer from leaving your dealership upset or frustrated with their overall dealership experience, after they have purchased their vehicle.

Unfortunately, customers typically do not verbalize their issues.  They do not want confrontation.  However, they will post negative reviews on Facebook, Twitter, DealerRater, and other permanent places on the internet.  And they will fill out the manufacturer survey negatively and mail it to them, which could result in missed bonus opportunities and reduced inventory allocation (depending on your manufacturer).

However, by using iTap’s exclusive “Survey” feature, you may be able to prevent a customer from leaving upset.  Why?  Because customers will tell an iPad about their experience.

For more information or to sign-up for “Survey", email us at:

iTapMenu Survey