How to use it:
1.  Create your menu the same as you do now.  You'll see a "Send Menu" option at the top of your screen.  Send it by email, text, or both.

Try it out for yourself to see it on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Here's how we suggest you use it:

  1. The internet buyer...let's sell them something.
  2. The customer with an outside lien holder...get to them before their Credit Union does.
  3. The out-of-state buyer...over-the-phone F&I presentations unfortunately aren't very effective.
  4. Anyone in the service department waiting area...why not send them some options while they wait?
  5. Even the customer that's in the dealership buying today and F&I simply can't find time to make an iTapMenu presentation...the Saturday "bottleneck" that can occur.
  6. And lastly, perhaps the store just isn't large enough to support an F&I Manager...this is better than nothing.

For support, please call us at:  855-687-4827.  Thank you.

3.  You'll receive an email from iTapMenu when they've completed the presentation.  At this point, view their "recap" to see what they've selected.

You can now email and text a custom, changeable presentation to customers.  The customer can use any desktop computer or mobile device to view custom product information, videos, replacement cost statistics, and pricing, and add/subtract these products to their loan payment, lease payment, or total cash amount with real-time changes.  Once they've completed it, you'll receive an email notification and you can instantly view their decisions.
This is available at no additional charge to all of our automotive, powersport, and RV dealer community.  

Remote Menu - an iTapMenu Exclusive

2.  The customer-facing presentation looks like this.  They can click or tap products to learn more, and then add/subtract them with instant changes to their finance payment, loan payment, or total cash amount.  Your contact information appears when they're finished.