PEN provides real time integration to product providers.  Over twenty different administrators are currently available to iTapMenu, with that many more on the way.  So, iTapMenu decided to integrate with them.  What does that mean to you?  Well, it's a pretty big deal IF your provider has a partnership with PEN.  If so, you will no longer need to update each menu with your product pricing.  iTapMenu will pull their rates directly into the menu.  That's right, let us state that again:  iTapMenu will pull these rates DIRECTLY into the menu.  That means you will never have to update your product pricing.  And, you can select these rates with instant changes to all aspects of the menu in real-time DURING the presentation.  It's cool stuff. 

Here are the providers that are available or in development with PEN:


  • Advantage Products Pipeline (DuPont)
  • AFAS
  • AFG Technologies (CareGuard)
  • Allstate Dealer Services
  • Ally Financial (GM Protection Plan and Universal Warranty)
  • ALPHA Warranty Services
  • American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc
  • American Auto Guardian, Inc.
  • American Guardian Warranty Services
  • Assurant Solutions
  • AUL
  • CareGARD Warranty Services, Inc
  • Century Automotive
  • Classictrak
  • Classic Products (Norman and  Company)
  • CNA National
  • CSCI
  • Dent Wizard
  • EasyCare
  • EcoPro Products
  • Entire Car Protection (ECP)
  • EFG
  • Family First Dealer Services
  • Fidelis
  • First Dealer Resources
  • Ford / Lincoln
  • General Motors
  • Gulf States Financial Services
  • Hyundai Protection Plan
  • IAS
  • JM&A
  • Louisiana Dealer Services
  • Maximus Auto Group
  • Mazda
  • NAC
  • NAE
  • NSD
  • Old Republic
  • Partners Alliance Corporation
  • PermaPlate
  • Phoenix Extended Care
  • Portfolio
  • Protective
  • RoadVantage
  • Safe-Guard International
  • Service Group
  • Sonsio
  • Southwest Re
  • Resource Automotive (The Warranty Group)
  • U.S. Warranty Corp
  • Warrantech
  • Warranty Solutions
  • Wise F&I
  • Xzilon 

Note:  The above list was provided by PEN.  Some of the above are in "beta" and may not be available yet.  Also, PEN is adding additional providers frequently.  Check with your provider or email us your provider and agent contact information and we will inquire into PEN integration on your behalf.

If your provider is listed above, we will integrate your dealership specific rates at NO CHARGE.  To do this, simply email the following to "" and list this in the subject line:  "PEN Integration Request" 

  1. Dealership name
  2. Dealership address
  3. Dealership phone number
  4. Your name and email address
  5. Your agency/agent name, phone number, and email address
  6. Provider(s) on the above list
  7. List of products you offer for each provider
  8. Contact your agent or provider and ask them for the "Provider Dealer Code" that identifies your dealership with the Provider.  
    Note:  Some products may require an additional code called the "Provider Product Code." 

Once we receive your email, we will confirm the above and begin integration.  The integration will take approximately one week to complete and we will let you know via email when it is tested and ready for you to use.