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News & Tips

January 2015
Software & Technology Mobile Update - F&I Showroom
by: Brittany-Marie Swanson
"The small-town Ohio dealership was struggling to meet its F&I sales goals while clinging to an outdated step-selling process. So when Bowling Green Lincoln switched F&I product providers in October 2013, the dealership’s new agent pitched a change: implementing a tablet-based F&I tool called iTapMenu."

February 2014
Powersports Business annouces iTapMenu as a Nifty 50 winner. - Powersports Business
"The winning products and services were chosen because of their potential to help dealers succeed in 2014, whether it’s through selling a Nifty 50 product or using Nifty 50 service."

August 2013
F&I menu options take on a new look with iPad - Powersports Business
by: Peter Jones
"In 2000, I began teaching menu selling to my powersports clients as well as several of the 20 Groups around the industry. Recently I had the opportunity to watch the next step in menu selling. It’s called the iTapMenu."

November 2012
Pitching F&I after customers leave the store - Automotive News
by: Jim Henry
"Why does the selling have to stop with the menu presentation?" said Shawn McCool, co-founder of iTapMenu in Carmel, Ind. This year the company introduced an electronic F&I menu that operates on an iPad.  The software's latest optional feature, called Sell More, automatically e-mails a sales pitch for F&I products to car buyers days after they've taken delivery."

October 2012 
iTapMenu and Vehicle Armour (Canada) Reveal Partnership - Read More
Press Release
"iTapMenu and Vehicle Armour Canada revealed this week that the two companies have joined forces to market iTapMenu to car dealerships throughout most of the Canadian provinces. The two companies have established a Value Added Reseller Agreement that offers Vehicle Armour the exclusive rights to market and resell iTapMenu to Canada dealerships." 

October 2012
Innovative App offers mobile F&I menu selling - Canadian Auto World
by: Jackson Hayes
"A new app that promises a fundamental shift in F&I selling and profi t is about to hit the Canadian market after a summer pilot program at two Ontario dealerships. Kiss the static paper brochure and the calculatoraided payment number crunching goodbye,..."

August 2012
Preferred Warranties to Offer iTapMenu to Dealer Clients - F&I Showroom
Press Release
"Preferred Warranties iTap allows dealers to use iPads to customize and present options for extended service contracts, financing and GAP insurance anywhere on the lot. The app is the first tool of its kind for dealers of pre-owned vehicles."

June 2012
F&I and Showroom
by: Justina Ly
"Tired of the rigidity of the traditional menu, Sommers and Dulaney switched to the iTapMenu, an F&I sales tool that operates on the Apple iPad. So far, both F&I producers say their product sales and customer satisfaction have greatly improved since they went mobile." 

May 2012
Drag, Drop & Sell - Agent Entrepreneur
by: Jessica Carrick 
"iTapMenu provides an entirely different structure. Sitting side-by-side with the customer, the F&I manager starts with a “Recommended” column of products and then uses iTaps exclusive drag-and-drop feature to build a second “Customer Selections” column. The system then recalculates the monthly payment based on the new lineup."