Menu Screen -

  • You have the option of creating a two-column or three-column 
  • menu for each customer.  You can change this decision with one click.  
  • There are optional introductory videos and images.  They’re short and sweet and meant to transfer the emotion of purchasing a new vehicle into the F&I process.
  • You can also begin each delivery with our exclusive “product education” module.  It’s game changing.
  • When using our two-column menu, you can move products in and out of the “customer selections” column.  The payment options automatically adjust right on the iPad.  
  • Our three-column menu has a “compare” button next to each column.  If this is selected, the column automatically moves into the two-column menu so you can compare it.  iTap is a true innovation vs today’s multi-column menus.
  • Each product includes a large area for custom text.  However, we’ve stocked each product with up-to-date researched data.
  • Products also include short, informational videos as well as statistical or visual info to help you sell.
  • Product pricing can display an up-front discount and can be changed on the iPad.  iTap also breaks the customer cost down by the monthly and daily change in the payment.
  • You can display up to any three combinations of cash, finance, and lease.  You can also display three different terms and interest rates.
  • Monthly terms and interest rates can be changed on the iPad.  An awesome feature.
  • The down payment can be increased on the iPad.  Let’s lower the payments without lowering our product retail prices.

Reporting -

  • Reports are online and accessible from any internet device.
  • Goals are integrated into the reports.
  • Multi-rooftop dealers have single entry access.
  • The information is stored forever. 
  • You can display the reports by any date criteria.
  • One-click breakdown by any F&I Manager, Sales Manager, Salesperson, or lender.
  • Reports can be exported to a PDF.
  • The “messaging” section is built into the software.

Accept / Decline -

  • Once a payment option has been selected, you automatically move to the accept-decline screen.  True compliance built-in.
  • You have the option of displaying the retail price of the accepted products and the monthly change in the payment of the declined products.
  • Products that have been declined can be moved into the accepted box right on the iPad.
  • The customer signs right on the iPad with their finger.  Co-buyers too.
  • You can email this screen directly from the iPad or print it from your iPad or desktop.
  • We securely store this digital transaction for you.

Basics -

  • iTap is actually a website.  We do not take up storage on your desktop.  The primary benefit, though, is updating iTap.  It’s easy for us to make any changes to iTap because we don’t need to access your computer.  
  • iTap works on an iPad as well as your desktop.  It is not compatible with other tablet computers.
  • When purchasing an iPad, you do not need memory.  So, go cheap.
  • You need wi-fi.  If you don’t have it already, go get it.  Your service customers want it anyway.
  • When setting up your defaults and individual menus, you do this from your desktop, not your iPad.  
  • Although we provide optional DMS integration, we have created a work-flow within iTap to allow you to create menus from scratch within 30-45 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions