Welcome to the menu (r)evolution. 
It's been a long time coming, my friend. Ten years of selling products using text. Ten years of re-printing menus after the customer requested more options. Ten years...man, that's a lot of money down the proverbial drain.

It's time for progress and innovation. It's time for iTapMenu. A universe-class, patent-pending money tree. We've built a better mouse trap. And this could catch Mickey himself. So, buckle up. And welcome to the (r)evolution.

Under the Hood

A message from iTapMenu concept inventor and part-owner of iTapMenu:

I would like to personally thank the companies that have agreed to partner with iTapMenu.  Together, we are innovating.  Together, we decided that the status quo menu structure, design, and visual experience is incorrect.  The customer IS always right.  And customers do not want to experience a paper menu filled with text with no true flow or meaning to them and their vehicle purchase.  It is time for an F&I evolution.

     - Shawn McCool

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